Training + Hardwork = Division
1 & 2 players and Professionals

Schooling Options

There are different options available for your child’s education. A few are outlined below. We are generally focusing on the high school student but our first two options do include grade levels below just high school. This is just a quick overview.

Do discuss the options with us further and we will be happy to expand what each means and what is best for your individual child.

Training + Hardwork = Division 1 & 2 players and Professionals


Valley Christian Academy provides excellence in education in a nurturing, Christ-centered and grace-oriented environment. Our mission is to challenge, motivate, and inspire students to grow in Christian character and to become equipped to be loving, responsible adults who will have a positive impact upon themselves, their families, their community and our beloved Lord. Read More

Tennis School


Horizon is a school that provides home school or independent study options. Horizon is funded by the state much like a public school. This school is often a great option as there is not extreme additional cost. It is state funded and still allows for a rigorous tennis schedule and tournaments. Your student will need to be very self motivated with these options. The teacher meets with the students once or twice a week on site. Assignments and work is given at the meeting times. Read More

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Granite Bay High School is among the top high schools in the nation. Out of 21,000 schools polled in the U.S. it is ranked 355th in the nation and 67th in the state, by U.S. News and World Report. Its API scores are in the top 900’s. GBHS is less than a mile from our facility. If you wish for a more traditional education, GBHS can be a great option. The difference is that your student will miss our first practice. Read More

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