Gorin Tennis Academy does not cancel practice based on any forecast of rain as forcasts are often inaccurate. We only cancel when the conditions are unsafe for play. Practice will be held unless cancelled by email. With so many tournament players, we understand the importance of even a single day of missed practice.

If we cancel practice for any reason, including rain, an email will be sent to all families prior to practice to notify you of the cancellation. Please ensure that your email address is included and up-to-date on your profile page. If you do not receive an email, practice is on as scheduled.

Please be aware that it may begin raining after you start driving to practice. We cannot control this. Accordingly, there may be an occasional practice that is cancelled right at class time.


Payment is due prior to your player attending class. The following policy will be strictly adhered to:

1. If your player has zero (0) clinics left: You will receive a courtesy email letting you know your player is out of lessons. It is then your responsibility to purchase a new package. Several package options can be purchased directly on our website. If you need assistance please call Jamie at the office.

2. If your player attends class and is out of lessons, they will not be allowed on court that day. While we do not want any of our students off court, we have found that if families get behind on payment it becomes very hard to catch up. If your child is not allowed on court, you can almost always reach Jamie at the office to purchase a new package so your player can attend the clinic.


There are several packages available for purchase directly on our website in our On-line Store. Please be aware that some of the packages have an expiration date which will be strictly adhered to.

Package Name

Package Price

Package Validity

Daily Drop-In Rate

$70.00 per class

No Expiration

10 Pack of Clinics


Expires 6 Months after Purchase

20 Pack of Clinics


Expires 6 Months after Purchase

We also offer a discounted Flex Pack that must be purchased through the office. This is a contracted price and all terms must be agreed to in writing prior to purchase. This discounted rate is:

Package Name

Package Price

Package Validity

8 Pack Flex


4 Week Expiration

This pricing option times out after 4 weeks. All clinics must be used within the 4-week period in which they are purchased or they will be forfeited. Clinics from previous packages will not be carried forward. All make-ups, rain or otherwise, must be completed within 4 weeks from the date of the first class attended on that package. There will be no exceptions to this policy and parents must agree to this policy in writing prior to purchase.

This package is for our more serious players who always attend at least twice per week and will have no problem completing their 8 lessons in a 4-week period. This is not for the player who has other commitments in addition to tennis and will struggle to fulfill the commitment.

This package also requires a 6-month Autopay commitment. If you purchase this package, your credit card will be billed every 4 weeks unless you submit a request to cancel in writing to the office.

If you are interested in purchasing this package, please contact Jamie at the office at 916-797-8444.