We’ve partnered with three different academic options for our tennis students. Depending on the specific needs of your player, we can advise you on the best option for your student. With training and a commitment, students can study and work towards Division 1 and 2 college placement.

While our schooling options generally focus on students of high school age, the first two options do include a few grades below high school. Contact us to discuss which option fits you best.



Valley Christian Academy (VCA) is committed to providing excellence in education within an environment that is Christ-centered, grace oriented, and nurturing. Our mission is to challenge, motivate, and inspire students to grow in Christian character. Ultimately, once our students have left VCA and entered the wider world, we have empowered them to make a positive impact upon themselves, their families, community, and our beloved Lord.

A few of the unique aspects of VCA are:

  • As a nondenominational school, we focus on Christian character building. Students are taught to know, love, and obey the Lord and His Word. It’s a step-by-step process that’s designed to take time, and we partner with parents to provide the ideal environment for their children.
  • All of the paid staff of VCA are also required to be members of TBC.
  • At VCA, we’re not known for our grand, multimillion dollar buildings. The fact is, it’s not necessary, since God has continually provided for our needs and to bolster our faith. Our students see this in ways large and small daily, and it’s invariably a great faith builder.

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Looking for the right place for your self-motivated student? You’ve found it at Horizon Charter School.

Horizon is designed to provide home-schooling or independent study options. Much like a public school, Horizon is funded through the state and, as a result, the additional costs are reasonable and rigorous tennis schedules and tournaments are still allowed.

Once or twice weekly, your student will meet with his or her teacher on site. During meeting times, their teacher will provide assignments and other work appropriate to the curriculum. If additional tutoring is needed, it’s provided on site and a percentage of tuition can be provided.

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Less than a mile from Gorin Tennis, Granite Bay High School is one of the top schools in the United States. Out of 21,000 schools polled in U.S. News and World Report, it currently ranks 67th in the state and 355th in the nation overall. Granite Bay’s API scores currently rank in the top 900s.

For families looking for a more traditional educational environment, Granite Bay just might be an excellent option. However, traditional schools can be strict with attendance expectations, and not quite as forgiving of an aggressive tournament schedule. For students attending Granite Bay, they will likely miss the first practice due to classes scheduled during the morning. Instead, students would attend the last two afternoon practice sessions.

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