6 Tips To Help You Improve Your Tennis Game

Here at Gorin Tennis, our goal is to help every tennis player improve their game. Because as we all know, even the best tennis players out there have something they could be working on. Here are six tips you can implement into your tennis career.

Have a Plan For Practice

If you come to a point in your tennis playing where you feel stagnant and you’re not improving, try planning out your practices. To plan these out, have a teammate or coach tell you what you should work on, and practice that skill. For example, if you have weak volleys and you do your usual practice by hitting groundstrokes and then calling it a day, will your volleys improve?

You don't gain much from stepping on the court without a plan of action. If you keep practicing a certain skill and there’s a piece that doesn’t quite work, but you don’t do anything to improve that flaw, it could be harder to fix the further you get into playing tennis.

Focus On Your Footwork

Footwork in tennis is crucial to practice and focus on. That goes with a lot of sports. Think of boxing. Although all the action you see is with the boxer’s gloves, all the power and moves come from their feet. The same goes for tennis players. The player who has impressive footwork but subpar hitting mechanics will always make more shots than those with good hitting mechanics but no footwork. Staying balanced is key.

Train With Better Players

The beautiful part of Gorin Tennis is that we see players of all levels of skill. Playing tennis at one of Gorin’s facilities will give you plenty of opportunities to play with people who are better than you. This is crucial to growing your skills as a player.

Playing with people who are at a higher level than you will challenge you, and challenging yourself is the first step to becoming better. You’ll learn new techniques, better footwork, and what it takes to get to that next level.

If you get used to hitting with tough players, facing that caliber of player in a tournament will not phase you as much as going from practicing with Joe Schmo to playing a highly ranked player in your section. In fact, it will only make you a better player during your match.

Play Tournaments

Gorin Tennis offers multiple tournaments that you can play every week. Playing in tournaments is a great way to get experience in facing different levels of players. For example, you may play a weaker opponent one match, but the next might be a few steps ahead of you. This is important as it will teach you to never underestimate any opponent. Additionally, this teaches you to respect every player you play against, and good sportsmanship is a basic understanding in every sport. Sign up for one of our tournaments here.

Exploit Your Opponents Weakness

Learning what your opponent’s weakness is during a match takes experience and an understanding of the fundamentals of tennis. Playing more will get you this skill, but it is also smart to scout out your opponent with a coach and teammate and look for any weaknesses. Once you figure those weaknesses out, try your hardest to use them to your advantage. It’s pure competition because, as we all know, the ultimate goal in tennis is to win.

Improve Your Diet

This goes for everybody, but the food you put into your body is what fuels you. Pizza and cheeseburgers are tasty, but that fuel won’t have you playing your best. Having a balanced diet full of nutrients and a mixture of every food group will have you focused, playing with the energy you need to win.

Come and Play At Gorin Tennis

Overall, the best thing you can do to keep getting better at tennis is to simply play the game! We all play this sport for a reason, and that’s because it’s fun and challenges us. If you have any more questions regarding getting better at tennis, call one of our coaches, and we can set up a practice for you. Just want to play? Visit our many locations in California and Washington today!