1. The Best Clothing for Tennis Players

    If you have ever gone to practice unprepared, you have probably experienced just how difficult it is to compete at your best with restrictive clothing. From limited mobility to clothing that doesn’t fit properly, there are a number of reasons why you should be dressed your best whenever you step foot onto the tennis court. Failing to do otherwise could end up costing you, resulting in lost match…Read More

  2. Getting Ahead of the Competition with Gorin Tennis Academy

    Acquiring the proper tennis skills and fundamentals to compete at the highest levels can be incredibly difficult, especially if you lack a team of mentors that possess the skills and knowledge you need to succeed while on the court. Worse yet, failing to surround yourself with high-caliber tennis coaches could lead you to become easily frustrated if you are wanting to advance to collegiate of prof…Read More

  3. Which Tennis Court Surface Is Right for You?

    If you are just getting started competing against other tennis players, you may have noticed that different court surfaces often produce different results. From sprawling grass courts to fast hard courts, every court surface offers its own unique set of characteristics that must be adhered to in order to experience success over your competition. However, as a newcomer, determining which unique tra…Read More

  4. Tennis Tips for Beginners

    As a newcomer to any sport, refining and perfecting your core fundamentals and techniques can be difficult, especially if you don’t have any tools at your disposal, such as an instructor, to help you improve along the way. This can create a great deal of frustration for beginners, and can cause many individuals to lose sight of why they began their sport of choice in the first place. However, wi…Read More

  5. Register for the Best Summer Tennis Camp In the Bay Area

    While some people spend their summers indoors playing video games or watching television, other people prefer to be active and outdoors. In fact, summer is the best possible time to develop your individual skill set for your desired sport or activity of choice. There are a number of exciting summer camps to take part in, however, in today’s article, we will be talking about some of the main reas…Read More

  6. Reach the Next Level of Competition with Gorin Tennis

    If you find that your tennis abilities have started to stagnate over recent months, you may require additional help from a trained professional. However, with so many tennis instructors to choose from, it can be difficult finding the right tennis coach to help you outmatch your opponents and improve your skills while on the court. Fortunately, for tennis athletes residing in the Bay Area, finding …Read More

  7. Three Reasons Why You Should Train At Gorin Tennis Academy

    Finding a qualified tennis instructor to teach you the core fundamentals and techniques necessary to reach higher levels of play can be difficult, especially if you are located in an area that lacks the proper facilities and instructors that you need to be consistently successful while on the court. Fortunately, for residents of the Bay Area, finding the best tennis instructors in your area is eas…Read More

  8. The Best Tennis Shoes for Hard Courts

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  9. The Best Tennis Shoes for Clay Courts

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  10. The Best Tennis Shoes for Grass Courts

    As we have discussed in previous articles on our website, not all tennis court surfaces are the same. In fact, every type of tennis court surface requires a different approach to the game for competitors to play at their highest level of performance. From the low bouncing characteristics of grass tennis courts, to the methodical pace of play found on clay courts, there are many different strategie…Read More