Playing singles, doubles, or even just enjoying a day hitting the ball on the backboard isn’t just fun, it’s a great workout and has other amazing health benefits. In this blog, we’ll discuss some awesome health benefits of playing and enjoying tennis. If you’re searching for amazing tennis lessons for your child, check out Gorin Tennis. Located in the beautiful Silicon Valley, our tennis instructors work individually with each student to bring out his or her individual talents. If you’re interested in helping your child be the best, Gorin Tennis Academy is the right choice. Contact us in Granite Bay, California today!

Full Body Workout

Unlike some sports, playing tennis is a full-body intense workout. You utilize your lower body to run, jump, stop, start, crouch, and lunch. The core is used for every swing or serve and as a stabilization element to keep your body strong. And of course, your arms and shoulders are almost constantly in motion during the game. This is an excellent sport for every athlete because it’s constant movement and exercise. Tennis is a great choice for nearly everyone as a fun way to pass time, a way to exercise, or a possible career path.

Aerobic and Anaerobic Health

Playing tennis increases the oxygen levels of the body by raising the blood pressure and heart rate. This funnels vital nutrients and vitamins to the muscles and causes the heart muscle to work hard, strengthening it. Your muscles also use the increased blood supply to grow and strengthen, which will eventually make you faster and quicker on the court. After the game is over, the benefits continue. Because the heart muscle is in such great shape, the resting heart rate is lowered and the body enjoys more energy and increased oxygen supply.

Heart health is essential, and improving the strength of your heart should always be a goal. Tennis is often referred to as “a thousand little sprints”. A typical tennis match usually ranges between one to two hours, and is an excellent way to interval train. Playing the sport lowers your risk of heart disease, heart attack, or stroke. Teaching your son or daughter the importance of cardiovascular health is essential to his or her long-term health and vitality.

Burns Calories and Fat

All of the movement, running, dashing, swinging, and jumping burns calories and fat quickly. This lowers the chance of many diseases and illnesses and the full-body aspect of this sport actually burns more calories than many of its counterparts. Volleyball, baseball, football, dancing, and golf pale in comparison to the amount of calories burned during the sport. On average, a player will burn between 400-600 calories per hour that is played, and more are burned if it’s hot outdoors. Tennis is a great sport for any high-energy kiddo who loves to run and play outside.

Enhances Coordination, Balance, and Flexibility

Tennis is a unique sport because it causes the player to work on flexibility, balance, and hand-eye coordination at the same time. It requires the cooperation of the entire body, and any weakness is quickly exposed and must be improved upon so that the player can get better at the sport. Hand-eye coordination is required to serve and hit the ball back over the net, dexterity is needed to nimbly run and dash, and the player needs to have quick reactions to meet the ball and hit it back to the other player. Getting your child involved in a high-coordination sport like tennis will help him or her to enjoy increased flexibility and coordination throughout life.

Tennis is an awesome choice for your son or daughter. If you’re in the Granite Bay area and searching for a tennis school that has taught some of the best in the sport, contact Gorin Tennis Academy for more information about our tennis lessons today! We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you!