Image of father and daughter in tennis ready stances

If you are looking for ways to help your child develop an interest in tennis or rediscover their love for the sport, then our list of fun tennis drills may be the perfect solution! At Gorin Tennis, we know that it takes practice to improve your skills, but sometimes it’s also important to take a break from practice and try something new. Contact Gorin Tennis to learn more about the tennis camps and programs we offer, and schedule your tour of the facilities today.

Cone Shot

The focus of this drill is to help students practice their shots while encouraging them to progress in their skills and techniques. Set up a number of cones in random positions on one side of the net. Have your child stand on the service line, hand a tennis ball to them, and allow them to try to hit a cone on the other side of the net. If they are able to hit a cone, then have them take a step backwards to move to the next level of difficulty. Additionally, you could allow them to take a step back after demonstrating good technique with several serves even if they don’t hit a cone.

Lava Balls

This drill focuses on improving footwork and overall fitness. Have your child stand in the doubles alley and tell them that they cannot step on the doubles line or singles line as these are the sides of the cliff. You should stand at the other end of the doubles alley and begin rolling balls toward them. Your child needs to dodge the balls while staying within their boundaries. Use low-compression balls (25% compression) so that it doesn’t hurt when they get hit. When they get hit, they need to run and pick up three balls, return them to the basket, and then rejoin the game. You can increase the level of difficulty by increasing the speed of the rolling balls or sending out several at a time.


Fireball is the last drill that we’ll look at today. It also emphasizes good footwork, agility, and speed. Be sure to use either low-compression balls (25% compression) or foam balls to avoid injury. Have your child start on one side of the court on the singles line and tell them to run to the other singles line while they dodge low-bouncing balls that you will roll at them. You can add a dimension of fun to the game with tennis questions. If they answer yes, then they have to run. When they get hit, they need to run and pick up three balls, return them to the basket, and then rejoin the game.

At Gorin Tennis, we love the opportunity to introduce children to the game of tennis. We understand that having fun is as valuable as practicing core skills. Contact our facility in Granite Bay to learn about the tennis camps and programs we offer.