As a tennis player, you already know that there are an endless number of ways to improve your game. From your serve and returns to your swing and footwork, there are a variety of ways that you can become a better tennis player. In today’s post, we’ll look at some of the things you can do to improve your swing. Whether you are a new tennis player or have been playing for years, contact Gorin Tennis Academy in Granite Bay to learn how our tennis camps can help you improve your game and raise your skills to the next level.

Resist Self-Criticism

In any given match, there is likely plenty of pressure on you — you don’t need to add more through self-criticism. Start the match by reminding yourself of your strengths, the things you have practiced, and any known weaknesses that your opponent may have. If things begin to get tough in your match, then focus on what you need to improve. Never give in to the self-doubt or anger that can creep into your mind. Once you open that door, you will find it harder to focus on the game at hand, as you will be occupied with all of the things you are doing wrong.

Practice the Correct Grip

The correct grip might be easy to overlook, but it is a very important detail that can greatly impact the overall quality of your game. Many professional players use a grip referred to as the continental grip for their serves and volleys. However, you don’t want to maintain this type of grip when it comes to different swings such as groundstrokes. Try switching to a semi-Western grip when returning groundstrokes. For these types of swings, you want to get as much power into the connection with the ball as possible. This will translate into a greater topspin on the ball, which makes it much harder to return.

Practice Tossing the Ball

Tossing the ball the way that you would if you were serving can be a much more challenging act than you might first think. For the sake of practice, you will not need to use your racket. Simply toss the tennis ball in the air so that it goes straight up and comes straight down about 18 inches in front of your lead foot. The reason you want this much space between your body and the ball is to allow your serve time to gain forward momentum and thus add more speed to the ball.

Prepare for Groundstrokes 

One of the easiest ways to be caught off guard is to ignore the trajectory of the ball as it comes back to your side of the court. This is quite easy to rectify, however. Make sure to pay attention to the direction it is headed and begin moving yourself into position so that you are ready to return the ball from a comfortable location. This will allow you the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to your swing so that you can impart as much speed and power to the ball as possible.

At Gorin Tennis Academy in Granite Bay, we have worked with many different student-athletes over the years, including some who have gone on to play at professional levels. If you are interested in getting the training that you need to improve your tennis game, then call today and discover the wide variety of tennis classes, camps, and programs that we have to offer.