Nobody enjoys losing. For those of us who are more competitive in nature, it can be challenging to handle a loss with grace. The more tennis matches you play, the more you will experience a combination of wins and losses. While learning how to win graciously seems to come naturally to most people, losing is a different story. Today, we will guide you through the best ways to lose gracefully. At Gorin Tennis Academy, we value the quality of sportsmanship, so call today to schedule a tour of our Granite Bay campus.

Giving Your Best

Athletes are coached that there will always be someone who is bigger, stronger, faster, etc. Armed with this knowledge, they learn that the most important thing they can do in any competition is to give their best. Often, the superior attribute of their opponent will prevail only if they give their best as well. Frequently, the better athlete can become complacent in their abilities, and when this happens, the opportunity to win is presented to the other player. At Gorin Tennis Academy, we push our student-athletes to give their best at all times, whether it is in lessons, a match, or a tournament qualifier. One of the best feelings to take off the court is the knowledge that you gave your best effort.

Be Humble

All athletes are susceptible to thinking more highly of themselves than they should. The moment we take ourselves too seriously is the moment that we set ourselves up for a big, embarrassing fall. A good athlete doesn’t need to go around announcing how good they are, how fast they are, or how great their serve is, they let their actions speak for themselves. The gift of athleticism is an opportunity to pour your knowledge and enthusiasm into the lives of your fellow athletes, whether or not you play for the same team. Humility is a very attractive quality that will naturally draw others to you. It should not be confused with low self-esteem. Humility is simply having an accurate picture of what your abilities are, and being confident about them, without sliding into prideful behavior.

Opportunities to Learn 

While most of us probably don’t like to think about it this way, losing is an opportunity to learn. Once the sting of the loss has subsided, every athlete should take some time to reflect on exactly why they lost. There is almost always something to be learned from analyzing the way they played the game. Perhaps there was a shot they should have, or should not have, taken. Maybe they need to spend more time drilling their serves so that they are deadly accurate. Speaking with coaches and watching video of the match helps players to see what areas they need to focus on during their practices so that they can improve their play. At Gorin Tennis Academy, we encourage our athletes to continually push themselves to become ever better athletes through daily tennis lessons.

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