The game of tennis is great not just for the competition, physical endurance, and sense of achievement that it can instill in athletes. It also develops personal characteristics that shape athletes in mature, responsible adults. Let’s take a look at just a few of the characteristics that are developed from playing tennis. Contact us after you’ve had a chance to read and let’s discuss what Gorin Tennis can do for your Granite Bay athlete.


There is a lot of discussion about good and bad sportsmanship. While it might seem like it should be obvious which qualities define a good sportsman, sometimes this is not always easy to distinguish. A good sportsman is one who can be courteous while retaining their competitive edge. Not every call will go your way, but how you respond is where you have a chance to exhibit your courteousness. At the end of a tennis match that you have lost, congratulating your opponent on their level of play is another way to show that being courteous is important to you. The same can be said for when you are the winner. Balancing your excitement of winning and choosing your words to avoid humiliating your opponent is equally important. Gorin Tennis Academy believes strongly in instilling a positive attitude within each of our athletes. Call today to learn about our tennis programs.


Not every child is born with a full supply of self-confidence. Playing tennis is an excellent way to start building up that store. While there are team elements to tennis, it is primarily an individual sport. One benefit to this is that win or lose, the outcome of the game is in the hands of the individual player. Confidence comes from being able to see improvements and watching shots go exactly where you meant for them to go. Walking off the court knowing that you did your best, even if you lost, provides a great level of satisfaction and self-confidence. This will, in turn, develop the desire to work towards continually improving, rather than resting on your laurels.


The last characteristic we will look at today is patience. It is often said time and patience are required to achieve valuable goals. This is especially true in the game of tennis. Some days can seem like everything is going exactly the way that it should. The skills you’ve been struggling to perfect are suddenly there and performing smoothly. Other days can make you feel as if you’ve forgotten almost everything you’ve learned. The key in the middle of these ups and downs is to remember to be patient with yourself. Skills, like anything, take time to be mastered. One good day doesn’t mean that they are now a permanent part of your skill set. Consistent practice, a positive attitude, and patience are the keys to becoming the tennis player whose game is consistently great. Gorin Tennis Academy of Granite Bay values these characteristics in all of our athletes. Talk with us today about the various programs we offer!