If you have ever gone to practice unprepared, you have probably experienced just how difficult it is to compete at your best with restrictive clothing. From limited mobility to clothing that doesn’t fit properly, there are a number of reasons why you should be dressed your best whenever you step foot onto the tennis court. Failing to do otherwise could end up costing you, resulting in lost matches that may have produced different results with the right attire. In today’s article, we will be discussing which types of clothing you should shop for when it comes time to update your tennis wardrobe.

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While cotton shirts are suitable for everyday wear, it isn’t the best type of clothing when trying to play your best game of tennis. Cotton has many disadvantages, which makes it inadvisable to wear on the court. For starters, cotton isn’t very breathable and can lead players to sweat excessively. Not only is this incredibly distracting when trying to focus on the match at hand, it can also cause your shirt to stick to your body, ultimately compromising your mobility. Instead of wearing a normal cotton shirt, consider opting for a shirt fabricated from a synthetic blend that possesses moisture-wicking properties. This will work to ensure that you stay cool and collected even during the most strenuous times.


Though men are somewhat limited in the shorts that they can wear during a tennis match, women have the option of wearing either shorts or an athletic skirt. Whatever your decision may be, finding a suitable pair of shorts for playing tennis is relatively easy. However, you will want to consider investing in a pair of tennis shorts with pockets for practical matters. These kinds of shorts make it easy to keep a spare ball on hand in case you fault while serving.

These are just two types of clothing that are most suitable for facing the fiercest competition while playing tennis. If you are interested in learning more about our wide selection of tennis camps, tennis lessons, and full-time tennis programs, get in touch with one of our staff members today by calling 916-235-8060 or by completing our registration form! We know that you will be impressed with our professional tennis instructors and we look forward to helping you play at your best!