We are excited to announce our fitness programs in both Bellevue and Redmond! We have tennis specific fitness classes in the afternoons and evenings during the week as well as opportunities for small group or individual fitness classes with our fantastic fitness coach Dimas! To sign up for junior, tennis specific fitness classes please use the link below or download the Gorin Tennis App.

Sign Up Here

To contact Dimas about personal or small group fitness training for juniors or adults please contact Dimas directly at: 407-953-7932.

About Dimas Giomo:

- Degree in Fitness Coaching and Personal Training (AAPT)

- Worked with competitive soccer and tennis and racket sports teams for a combined 10 years

- Worked 10 years as a fitness and training consultant

- Degree in Physiotherapy

- Degree in Osteopathy and Manual Therapy

- Degree in Sacral Skull Therapy