Top Tennis Drills for Beginners

Top Tennis Drills for Beginners

Gorin Tennis is the premier tennis academy with locations in both California and Washington, dedicated to providing thorough professional training and coaching to help players of all levels reach their full potential. But outside of instruction from Coach Gorin himself, which focuses on continuous improvement and learning, players need to run through a few different tennis drills. These practice routines are necessary to take your tennis lessons to the next level and to help you join the ranks of our most successful students.

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Warm-Up Drill

Start any training session the right way with a warm-up drill to activate your body and get your muscles primed for the game. This dynamic warm-up should incorporate a combination of jogging, high knees, side shuffles, and light shadow swings to improve your footwork, flexibility, and overall coordination.


Forehand and Backhand Groundstroke Drill

Groundstrokes are the foundation of any tennis player's game. To enhance your forehand and backhand, start by practicing your groundstrokes against a wall or with a partner. Focus on proper technique, including a relaxed grip, body rotation, and follow-through. Begin with slow, controlled shots, gradually increasing speed and intensity. You can also incorporate footwork and shot placement to improve consistency and power in your groundstrokes, which will help you shine during tennis lesson instruction.


Serve Technique and Accuracy Drill

A strong serve is essential for dominating on the court. You can train outside of our Gorin Tennis classes by focusing on your serving technique. Start in a relaxed stance, use a fluid motion, and aim for a fluid toss. Practice serving to different targets on the service box and gradually increase your serving speed. Pay attention to the accuracy of your serves, aiming for consistent placement. This drill will help you develop a reliable serve and gain confidence in your abilities.


Volleys and Approach Shot Drill

To become a well-rounded tennis player, you must feel comfortable at the net, and this volley drill will help you improve your net play. Start by practicing volleys with a partner or fellow Gorin Tennis classmate. Focus on maintaining a stable base, using soft hands, and directing the ball with precision. Combine your volleys with approach shots, aiming to hit your approach shots deep and set up an attacking position at the net. This drill will help improve net skills and develop strategic thinking on the court.


Footwork and Agility Drill

Quick and efficient footwork is another crucial aspect of tennis since the game itself moves very fast. Set up agility ladders or cones on the court to practice various footwork patterns. Work on quick side-to-side movements, split steps, and explosive forward and backward movements. Combine footwork drills with hitting balls, simulating game-like situations, to practice skills learned during our professional tennis lessons. By improving your footwork, you'll improve your ability to reach balls quickly and enhance your overall court coverage.


Match Simulation Drill

To prepare yourself for real match situations, you must incorporate match simulation drills into your training routine. Create scenarios that mimic different game situations, such as serving at 30 to 40, or playing tie-breaks. Practice varying shot selection, adapting to different opponents' playing styles, and managing pressure. This drill will improve your decision-making abilities, mental toughness, and overall match performance.

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