Kid Tennis

Youth sports are a great way to help kids develop confidence, build relationships with peers, and learn lifelong physical skills. Tennis is a beneficial sport for children because of its low-impact nature, mental challenges, and focus on individual success.

If your child has expressed interest in tennis lessons, look no further than the Gorin Tennis Academy! Gorin Tennis Academy was founded by Vitaly Gorin, and it has continually been at the forefront of tennis education, with 85% of its students earning scholarships or turning professionals. Here are four reasons why you should get your kid into tennis lessons at Gorin Tennis Academy, and if you have questions, contact us today!


Tennis is a great sport for adults, and Gorin Tennis is the perfect place to get started. With locations in California and Washington, our team of coaches is highly experienced in teaching adults how to play tennis. Plus we have dedicated spaces for competitive and leisure tennis playing, including leagues and teams and rental courts — all separate from our children’s tennis programs. Here are four benefits of adults playing tennis at Gorin Tennis!

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Gorin Tennis offers adult tennis leagues and teams for all of our locations in California and Washington state. Our adult tennis leagues are a great way to meet other tennis players and improve your game. Our tennis leagues are competitive and fun, and our teams are a great way to get involved in the tennis community.

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Tennis is a fun and captivating sport that can teach kids immense work ethic as they strive to achieve their goals. Not only will tennis provide your child with an exciting time during the summer, but also the opportunity to grow into an amazing athlete while earning potential scholarships or pro status in the future. At Gorin Tennis Academy, we are the only Global Professional Tennis Coach Association in the USA and we offer excellent summer camps in California and Washington for all children to enjoy! Read on to find out some reasons as to why you should enroll your child in our tennis camp this summer, or contact us today to get started!