We will help you find the right academy, even if it is not us. Yes, your read that correctly. We have guided countless players to other academies as well. Gorin has spent 20 years on the ATP and WTA Tour coaching some of the top players. Unfortunately, actually choosing academies can be murky going in a world where claims are made that are hard to verify (unless you have said Pro’s cell phone number). For every ethical academy or coach out there, there are academies that make claims to have created players that they have not. This verification is next to impossible to obtain for the average tennis parent.

Vitaly Gorin has created more top professional players from the junior ranks than almost any other coach in the world. Here are just a few players who have reached the Pro or Olympic level after enrolling in our academy:

  • Dmitry Tursunov, #20 ATP
  • Igor Kunitsin, #35 ATP
  • Iraqli Labadze, #42 ATP
  • Nikoloz Basilashvili, #55 ATP
  • Jimmy Wang, #85 ATP
  • Alexander Bublik, #134 ATP
  • Yaraslava Shvedova
  • Sophia Zhuke

For over 20 years, Vitaly Gorin coached on the ATP and WTA World Tour and guided many players onto the Top 50 of the tour. His players enjoyed victories over top ranked tennis players, such as Andre Agassi, Any Roddick and Michael Chang, and many others ranked in the top 10 (this is all verifiable information). Gorin also worked with the Davis Cup and Fed Cup teams. In 2006-2007, Coach Gorin was instrumental in the Russian Davis Cup Team bringing home the trophy, becoming the number one team in the world during that year. Coach Gorin has worked with multiple Grand Slam champions, such as Dmitry Tursunov (ATP 20), Jimmy Wang (ATP 85) , Nikoloz Basilashvili (ATP 53 and currently on the rise) and Sophya Zhuk (2015 Wimbledon Junior Champion), Igor Kunitsyn (ATP 35) and Irakli Labadze. (ATP 42).

Gorin Tennis has been in operation since 1995 concurrently while creating professionals, Gorin Tennis has also created top Nationally and Internationally top ranked Juniors. Gorin Juniors have enjoyed winning top world tournaments, such as Wimbledon, French Open and Les Petite As (Stephan Leustian 2016).

What does that mean for your player? Gorin’s proven methodology gives your child the best chance to reach his or her full potential.

For more information, tours, or to get started, contact us today. If we are not the right Academy for you, we will help you find the one that works for you!