At Gorin Tennis Academy, we are proud of our world-renowned coaching staff. Our staff is dedicated to the success of each and every tennis player who comes to us. From training with professional tennis coaches and daily tennis lessons, your child will have access to the best tennis program in the U.S.

Dmitry Tursunov

Dmitry is a retired professional tennis player who now coaches as a Gorin Tennis Academy Traveling Coach on the Pro Tour. Dmitry has finished 3 seasons in the Top 30 in the ATP World Tour (2006, 2008, and 2013) and has captured 7 singles and 7 doubles ATP titles. He has played and defeated opponents such as Andy Roddick throughout his career.

Tursunov is currently coaching Aryna Sabalenka in his coaching debut. She is 20 years old and is currently ranked #15 in the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association), after winning the 2018 Wuhan Open Championship. She has risen from a ranking outside of the top 75 to her current ranking of #15 under Tursunov’s coaching.

Dmitry’s tennis prowess extends beyond a strong backhand, as he coaches our players to be technically sound in all aspects of the game, as well as teaches our players how to use winning strategies during games. Dmitry was coached by both Vitaly Gorin and Jose Higueras, which means that he brings Vitaly’s technical approach and Jose’s footwork to the game.

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